The mission of the
Laguna Beach Community Coalition
is to support a safe,
healthy and caring community
by working to provide
prevention/intervention strategies
and develop comprehensive,
coordinated policies/services
to reduce substance abuse
and related problems
within our community.

The Youth Alcohol & Substance Use Prevention Initiative is a long-term effort to reduce underage drinking and teen drug use.

The initiative's initial focus is on decreasing alcohol consumption among underage residents in Laguna Beach. Addressing this first is based on research that shows underage drinkers are three times more likely to use other harmful substances.

The current rate of teen alcohol and substance use in our Laguna Beach community is alarming. For example, the 2010 California Healthy Kids survey reported that 48% of 11th graders in the Laguna Beach School District consumed alcohol within the past 30 days. This is the highest rate in Orange County.

The first significant step coming out of the initiative is the recommendation for a Social Host Ordinance for Laguna Beach. This ordinance is intended to hold adults responsible for hosting or knowingly providing a place for underage drinking.

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